LaserSave, Inc. sells recycled, rebuilt toner cartridges

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Remanufactured toner cartridges
Our core product at LaserSave, Inc.
LaserSave's definition of "remanufacturing" is quality all the way

LaserSave toner cartridges

All LaserSave remanufactured toner cartridges are the result of careful workmanship by our technicians.

The LaserSave process

Each cartridge is disassembled and all parts are inspected prior to remanufacturing. Worn parts are discarded and new parts are installed along with graphic toner in all cartridges. LaserSave uses graphic quality toner exclusively in all cartridges for darker, crisper prints.
   All cartridges go through stringent test-printing procedures prior to shipment.

The LaserSave Difference

LaserSave cartridges typically print more and better pages that brand new cartridges for several reasons:

  • Our cartridges benefit from our careful manual remanufacturing process, while others may be produced by automated systems.
  • Our cartridges include better toner & drum components to ensure sharp quality prints.
  • We use graphic toner exclusively - a better grade of toner than brand new cartridges.
  • Our cartridges are remanufactured as high-yield versions only, while brand new cartridges are sold in several different versions.
  • All LaserSave products carry our exclusive Good Faith 100% Guarantee.
Some OEM companies put a letter at the end of the cartridge model number to indicate the quantity of toner it contains "A" has the least; "X" has the most. At LaserSave, we believe it makes good sense to remanufacture cartridges of all capacities as high yield cartridges. You get more printed pages and greater value.
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LaserSave, Inc. recycles toner cartridges, inkjet cartridges, printer ribbons and other office machine consumables by remanufacturing them. This saves money for our customers, and helps the U.S. environment. LaserSave products in home or office can be part of a worthwhile program of office recycling.